Floors and Ceilings for Modular Construction

Floors and Ceilings for Modular Construction

Lightweight ceiling and floor systems are often asymmetrical and use a non fire-rated product as the floor, such as timber or a similar material. Accordingly, designers and specifiers need to identify systems that have been tested for fire resistance above and below.

As with internal walls, designers and specifiers must be cognisant of the differing fire performance requirements for loadbearing and non-loadbearing ceiling and floor systems and the impact of dimensional changes during extreme temperatures. Caulking, service penetrations, light fittings and access panels have to be carefully designed so as to not provide an open path for fire and smoke.

Promatised Solutions
Promat can offer PROMATECT® ceiling system for 60/60 to 240/240 to BS 476: Part 22. For services enclosure, our Promat system can provide fire protection to services from 60/60 to 240/240 to BS 476: Part 20. 

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