The world's leading producer of calcium silicate based on PROMAXON® (patented technology), Promat produces one of the most complete and efficient ranges of boards on the market. The manufacturing process and the formulation change according to the factories in order to produce plates adapted to each market and each application.

All Promat boards combine a number of features that set them apart from other building materials:

  • Non-combustible and very fire resistant
  • Thermal insulator thanks to its endothermic reaction
  • Resistant to humidity and impact
  • Stability over time
  • Easy installation
  • Respect for the health of installers and users


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Matrix Engineered Mineral Board


DURASTEEL® is a high impact, fire and blast resistant board, providing up to 4 hours resistance and is used in the construction of barriers, ceilings, doors and ductwork.


MASTERBOARD® is the versatile fire protection board, a multi-purpose board suitable for a variety of applications offering up to 30 minutes fire resistance.


PROMATECT®-H is a non combustible matrix engineered mineral board reinforced with selected fibres and fillers. PROMATECT®-H provides great fire resistance. It has a high strength and is resistant to the effects of moisture.


PROMATECT®-L500 is a non combustible low density calcium silicate board, used for the construction of fire resistant ducts, cladding of sheet metal ducts and to provide fire rated cable and service enclosures.


Structural calcium silicates


Matrix Engineered Mineral Board

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