Fire-stopping for Modular Construction

Fire-stopping for Modular Construction

Firestops or fire-stopping material refers to a form of passive fire protection that provides a seal around openings and joints in a fire-rated wall, floor or ceiling assembly or to seal gaps around fire-resisting constructions. Firestops prevent unprotected horizontal and vertical penetrations from creating a path for fire and smoke to spread throughout a building.

Designers and specifiers should be aware of the various firestopping solutions available on the market, including:

  • intumescents
  • cementitious mortars
  • firestop pillows
  • fire-resistant collars for pipes
  • high density mineral wool
  • sealants
  • wraps

Promatised solutions
Promat can offer a numbers of fire stopping solutions to BS 476: Part 20 from 60/0 to 240/0 such as fire sealant, fire collar, fire batt, fire pillow, movement joint strip, electrical junction seal etc. for gaps or holes in fire compartment so as to maintain the integrity of the compartment wall or floor as a whole.

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